Specialists in small-scale hydro schemes

Fusion Hydro specialises in the supply and installation of Polyethylene (PE) piping for hydro-electric schemes and other applications

Our expertise as polyethylene pipeline specialists provides the capability to weld and service large diameter pipes in a range of different types of locations for hydro projects. In recent years we have successfully supplied and installed piping for a large number of small-scale hydro schemes in Scotland, many in remote Highland locations. We only ever use the highest standard PE100 material for our hydro installations.

Always at the forefront of incorporating the latest cutting-edge technology, Fusion Hydro utilises a high level of quality control and traceability both within the manufacturing of the pipe and with the butt and electrofusion processes used to join the pipe sections. This special butt-fusion technique developed for connecting pipe sections ensures virtually seamless joins, effectively providing one continuous length of pipe.

The fully automatic butt fusion, electrofusion control equipment ensures full data retrieval for joint records, which are continually monitored by our qualified engineers for full quality control of pipeline systems. Our piping systems are designed for a full range of pressure up to 20 bar, as are our associated pipeline products including flanges, bends, gate valves, air valves and transition fittings.

Large diameter polyethylene piping is ideal for small-scale hydro schemes as it is flexible and light, which means the course of the pipe can closely follow the lie of the land.

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